Projector Isn't Working

Submitted 5/21/2018 by Marcus Bonfiglio

PVSD has a few different types of projectors ranging from ceiling mounted to rear facing to SmartBoards.

Every winter and spring break we clean our your projector filters so they don’t overheat and when the bulbs get dim we replace them. So here are some troubleshooting tips you should try before you Submit a Ticket

1. Make sure the projector is turned on and doesn’t have a error message. Error lights will be orange or red depending on your model.

2. Double check the connections, sometimes they come slightly loose which will cause a problem. Even the connections to the panel on the wall (if you have one)

3. If you’re using a DocCam make sure the VGA/TV button is turned on and the DocCam has a green light under PC

4. If the DocCam isn’t giving you a signal just unplug the power cord from the DocCam for 30 seconds